Landing Complete, Laundry Vent, and Lamp Collar

The men finished the landing. They will be working on the lower staircase and fascia in the next couple of days. 


The men cleaned out the dryer vents of lent. We disengaged the dryer and cleaned out the flexible pipe that leads to the wall. We then blasted compressed air in the rigid pipe that is in the wall. We then climbed on the roof and removed the lint build-up that accumilated at the exhaust port. While the picture shows a lot of lint, the overall line was pretty clear. Most of the build-up was at the exhaust port. If this is the first time the line has been cleared since you moved in you are in pretty good shape.  

The lamp collar has proved to be a challenge. I went to three restorers and they did not have the ability to reproduce the item. Jewelers at the Gift center also could not provide any way to do it in a cost efficient manner. Their in-house crew can only repair or do minor alterations. 

The main difficulty of the piece is how to replicate its intricate design in a traditional manner. It was originally done in three pieces that were then welded together. In order to replicate this, we need to break the pieces and have it negative-wax molded. This can be an expensive process.

The alternative I have found that is cost effective is a high tech solution. There is a 3D printing process that can print Bronze in 3D. Since it is based mainly on material costs, the printing itself looks to be around $350-400. The process and website is here.

The costs cannot be determined until we upload the model. The main challenge is to get the 3D model made and scanned. I am currently waiting on pricing from a scanning outfit.  The company information is here.